Our Philosophy

We believe in seeking the best or most unique and heart thrilling courses around the world. We select golf courses for our prestigious members based on their amazing geographic location, natural beauty, technical characteristics or tradition but in every case uniqueness will be the common denominator.

We pride ourselves on organizing high quality golfing tours focusing also on all those additional aspects that make a golfing voyage unforgettable such as: meeting local people, trying out the very best local wine & cuisine, authentic and unique touring experiences and, of course, a careful selection of characterful and charming accommodation options with the very highest standards. Our care team of guardian angels offering up to 24h assistance and personal chauffeurs whilst touring are our signature feature to ensure as trouble-free tours as possible.

Our tailor made golf voyages created by and for golf travelers.

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About us

WannaGolf a brand comprised of a team of dedicated specialists who seek the most authentic and exclusive golfing experiences around the world with a discerning eye for golfers'essential needs.

WannaGolf is teaming up in 2024 with one of Italy’s most reputed inbound travel operators connected with most of the country’s finest accommodation both classical but also off-the-beaten-path to develop new bespoke travel experiences for independent travelers, groups and private events.



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